Electrical substations and distribution systems provide a critical link to the power grid. ACETO Industries is a turnkey design/construct firm that specializes in engineering, procurement and construction of electrical substations and distributed systems.

ACETO Industries has large experience for over 30 years. Our projects have ranged from 11KV to 220KV and we are fully understanding the requirements and demands of the power industry. When it comes to Substation Engineering, ACETO Industries does it all from conducting studies to developing conceptual schematics, to providing a detailed engineering. ACETO Industries projects include upgrade and retrofit existing facilities as well as install a new. ACETO Industries offers economical, fast track solutions while maintaining a quality installation built to the customer’s specifications.

Areas of Expertise

With over 30 years of experience, ACETO Industries has the unique ability to control all critical elements of a project and insure a cost effective installation of unbeatable quality on a fast track schedule. We offer our clients innovative solutions delivered safely and to their precise specifications. Our employees are skilled and highly experienced in the construction and maintenance of networks from LV to 220KV. We provide project management, resources for installation and commissioning and technical support. Using the latest HV electrical technology we will design the optimum system to meet your specific needs according to your service, the physical layout of your work place and your working cycle.

ACETO Industries experience and the diversity of projects undertaked leaves us well experienced to deliver complex and large scale projects in the following categories:

• Utility substations
• Industrial substations
• Generation switchyards
• Transmission switchyards
• GIS projects
• Distribution systems